How long had he been gone? Enough to sense the amount of shit he was in with her. He gives a groan, loud and drawn out, as his boots carried him to the hotheaded woman whom had grown from a throne to a scar on his side. The Heat mused if The Explosive would beat him to a pulp, but laughed as his mind explained that she would attempt to murder him in his sleep instead.
But it was her cruel smile he was fond of.
He stops at her door yet doesn’t waste time in knocking. He was never a gentlemen at heart. Instead, he opens the door and walks to her, the smile she desired and damned now settled on his face.

"Loooooooooooooong time no see, huh? Did’ja miss me?

+ekragei;  +{ bambi bae };  

I need you like a heart needs a beat
but that’s nothing new

+;Thoughts;  +;Bitch;  +ekragei;  






+ekragei;  +But babe you and me ain't nothin' but mammals-;  


'time we've gotten in?' 


  the question presented by him partially ceased the flow of her thoughts, curiosity being brought to the surface as gloved fingers slipped away from his form, before he had it caged within the grasp of his own. usually basterbine would draw back and try to break free, but she was oddly relaxed to bother with it.

   ’nah, bullshit— but… seriously, when did you notice this detail?’

             ”Spent time together, ya moron.”

                       He was shocked she did not attempt to bash his head in for grabbing her, her body did not even go tense- Was she that comfortable with him now? His thumb skimmed her wrist for a moment before letting go. If she desired him to continue, she would have to make the first move.
              “Since I nearly run ya down once ‘cause I didn’ fuckin’ see you in the hallway.”




  the ‘h’ himself had been a fool if the belief that she would not act was there. slowly, steps were taken towards the male as a range of gloved fingers reached out, fingertips touching his chest in a gesture dug into pure mockery.

   ’touché, sherlock!’

         ”Ya know I didn’ mean it like tha’, dumbass. I meant try to kill me. Would ya even bother seein’ how much time we’ve gotten in?”
                  Time had grated the two together, grinded their bones to dust from the constant wasted seconds, minutes, hours and days together. Her touch did little but amuse him, his gloved fingers grabbing her wrist to raise up high over her head. “Yer too short ta be allowed to touch meh.”

+ekragei;  +well yer short B];  



            “I’m fuckin’ terrified of a short ass bitch tha’ only screams.”
                    The sacrasm was thick in his voice, evident that he took her threat as an ant beneath his boot.
              “Try ta touch meh.”

+ekragei;  +B] Come at meh;  

+;Bitch;  +ekragei;  

Bazz-B logic; If not girlfriend tries to make you jealous that means you have to do the same and make her jealous.





               you will burn yourself.

  the explode sees no point in offering an immediate response, rather, she takes delight in tormenting him with the weight of doubt, in witnessing the man writhing painfully in an attempt to get something. 

                               oh, how interesting it was, the value of mere words

    ‘the grandmaster, you say? hmn. I never thought about it, but — I do have an opinion.’ and this is the moment when she pauses and looks up, smiling sweetly, feigning innocence.

   ’I obviously care about him, and you should do the same… after all, he is the one who keeps order in this place. and—’ this time, however, basterbine would distill poison - all for the sake of her fun. '—-he is stunningly beautiful.'

            “I’m fire,dumbass. Ain’t ever gonna burn myself.”

                        Oh, so this was the game she so desired to play? A game he himself had played multiple times with past no names whom attempted to play hard to get. Yet, with this little rodent, he finds not amusement but anger from her explination. It took all his might not to sear her mouth shut by covering her mouth with his palm. His head rises to stare down at her before a smile of both anger and boredom grows upon his features.
             He will play along, on is own terms.
                      “So ya got a thing fer blonds too, eh? Tha’ friend of yers, Candice- I think she’s real fuckin’ cute. Maybe when I’m done chattin’ wit’ ya I’ll go and talk to her myself. You have fun with Jugo, E. Imma go have my own wit’ someone better then you.”
              He would fight fire with fire and burn them both within his hold. In truth, he cared little for the idiot Lightening, but if Bambietta desired to toy with him, he would do the honors of doing that as well. His back turned to her and he took steps away from her as he chuckled.

              “Tell Jugo I said ‘hi’.”

+ekragei;  +{ oops 8) };