'you ain't no Rom— what the hell

you— gotcha. what I want you to say?

no, no, no— that would be more like: you

better think of a reasonable explanation

quickly or you’ll be screwed—!’

"Too fuckin’ bad ‘cause I
 ain’t got a reasonable
 explanation fer ya. I left
 for awhile and came back.
 Nothing special.”

+ekragei;  +ya cant get meh in trouble fer leaving yer not my mom B];  



'reassuring words. I can feel my heart

melting. honestly, that’s all you have to

say after all this time?’

"The Hell do ya want
 meh to say to ya?
 Ya know I ain’ no
 Romeo. I can’t say shit
 like ‘I miss ya’.”

+ekragei;  +B\ Ya hate me and then miss meh. Yer weird.;  +{ give him and me a cookie };  


                     don’t fall in L O V E with me.

                                     i wouldn’t know what to do about it ]

+;Bitch;  +ekragei;  +;Thoughts;  



"Have ya tired
 not be such a bitch
 to people? Maybe
 ya’d get some peace
 like tha’.”

+ekragei;  +{ try being nice fails };  


You can give me Anything but Love


   Absence had never been a problem for her, who had grown accustomed to people traveling through her life — and leaving without even saying goodbye. He was no exception to this rule, for he himself had turned his back to her — just as her parents did, such as the so-called friends.  

                           If anything, nothing but a new name to be added to her list. 

  Yet, this man was stubborn to the level of breaking through the limits in a foolish attempt to impose himself. Oh, he was truly a pain in the ass! And the ‘E’, began to consider the thought that she had been too soft, allowing him to treat her as he pleased, stepping on her ego day after day.

'What the fuc——' 

The noise of the door being pushed open shoved her mind away from her reverie, the purple gaze traveling across the room and setting its focus upon the male as a frown of distaste shaped the features of her face— why could not people understand the meaning of a closed door?


The scene was familiar, perhaps not for him— but many had witnessed the woman in such a condition, toying about to get her way and end her ​​day with an unrecognizable corpse lying at her feet. He had arrived just in time. 


  ‘You have nothing to do here, Designation H—- and you better forget what you just saw.’ Harsh in tone, all she would offer was a glimpse of her back as she addressed the word to him, somewhat flustered at being caught in the act. 'Get out—- now—!'

       Of course she would be outraged- He had the tendency of leaving without a word lately. It was nothing directed at her, simply his flames much preferring the silence of the screams of the say idiotic numbskulls that walked down their halls. If he stayed around, he would have killed them all- And His Majesty would have slain for that. Yet, why was she so offended, didn’t she hate him? He honestly only came around believing things would have returned to normal, only to see her basically shove him away.

"Eh? Th’fuck would I
 leave if I just came back?
 The Hell is yer problem-
 An’ when the fuck did’ja
 start callin’ me from my

             He watches her, carefully- Knowing by now when she would be irritated or on the point of attacking by mere body language alone. He had known her long enough to read her like a book. He simply wanted answers at this point. There was a gnawing feeling within him to reach out and pull her back, whether from her hair or arm had yet to be decided but he keeps his hand in his pockets, rolling his shoulders as he turns to follow her.

"I thought ya’d be happy
 wit’ me bein’ gone. Ya
 hate meh, right? Find me 
 disgusting? Unbearable?
 But lookit ya now, Bambietta-
 Ya look lika ya missed meh more
 then ya’d wanna admit.”

                Yet, it was perfectly fine if she missed him, because the feeling was mutual. He simply had no means to epress such weak emotion. So he would simply reach out and grab her wrist and tug her back so she would face him, not turn away from him.

"Tell meh wha’ the fuck is
 yer problem before I leave
 yer ass here for good. I’m
 done playin’ yer li’l game.”

+ekragei;  +rp; you can give me anything but love;  


Sorry  Never thougt about Bazz-B smoking?? Well, I have.


Sorry  Never thougt about Bazz-B smoking?? Well, I have.

+;Born to Burn;  +{HUFFHUFF };  

How long had he been gone? Enough to sense the amount of shit he was in with her. He gives a groan, loud and drawn out, as his boots carried him to the hotheaded woman whom had grown from a throne to a scar on his side. The Heat mused if The Explosive would beat him to a pulp, but laughed as his mind explained that she would attempt to murder him in his sleep instead.
But it was her cruel smile he was fond of.
He stops at her door yet doesn’t waste time in knocking. He was never a gentlemen at heart. Instead, he opens the door and walks to her, the smile she desired and damned now settled on his face.

"Loooooooooooooong time no see, huh? Did’ja miss me?

+ekragei;  +{ bambi bae };  

I need you like a heart needs a beat
but that’s nothing new

+;Thoughts;  +;Bitch;  +ekragei;  


'time we've gotten in?' 


  the question presented by him partially ceased the flow of her thoughts, curiosity being brought to the surface as gloved fingers slipped away from his form, before he had it caged within the grasp of his own. usually basterbine would draw back and try to break free, but she was oddly relaxed to bother with it.

   ’nah, bullshit— but… seriously, when did you notice this detail?’

             ”Spent time together, ya moron.”

                       He was shocked she did not attempt to bash his head in for grabbing her, her body did not even go tense- Was she that comfortable with him now? His thumb skimmed her wrist for a moment before letting go. If she desired him to continue, she would have to make the first move.
              “Since I nearly run ya down once ‘cause I didn’ fuckin’ see you in the hallway.”